Join us on our path to excellence, transfering years of scientific research at the Chemnitz University of Technology into a market ready solution. Our primary business field is the manufacturing and distribution of nanocomposite force sensor materials.

Upscaled Production

NanoSen has upscaled the manufacturing process for nanocomposite force sensors, which had previously only been proven at a laboratory scale.

Scientifically Proven

Various parameters were examined and a series of electromechanical tests performed to obtain the best performance of our nanocomposite sensor material.

Quantifiable Results

In a standard configuration, measurements can take advantage of the high sensitivity in the low force range (~1 N) and capture higher measurements of up to 100 N.

Key Technology

NanoSen force sensor materials offer a robust technology for the development of innovative applications with a low-cost solution that rivals conventional sensors.


With our variable production process, we are able to deliver a highly customizable product that can be tailored to the needs of the final application.

Cost Efficiency

Our sensor material production focuses on keeping costs low while ensuring flexibility in the value chain, providing economies of scale for commercial manufacturing and standard sensors offered.

"As a dynamic start-up we don't acknowledge problems, our daily business is to overcome challenges."


NanoSen is a spin-off from the Chemnitz University of Technology, which has developed an innovative process for the mass production of nanocomposite force sensor material. Our limited liability company (GmbH) was founded in 2024 and has entered the market with several standard offerings found under the "Products" page. We also support special application development for customers looking for custom solutions.


NanoSen is an international team that comes from four different continents and speaks 5 native languages.

Rajarajan Ramalingame

Our expert in the design and development of polymer force sensors

Joseph Stephens

Dedicated to strategic and operative business planning

Dr. Sonia Bradai

Responsible for quality control and product safety compliance

Rick Henkner

Head of technical development and manufacturing processes design



NanoSen GmbH
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